In the Land of the Free

the Brave will lead you Home

Alfred F. Jones
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The Last Hero

Nation's name: United States of America
Capital: Washington D.C.
Language: English
Birthday (Independence Day): July 4th
National flower: Aquilegia

Human name: Alfred F. Jones
Height: 177cm
Age: 19 (appearance)

A nation of pioneers who think of everything in a positive light, is quick to take action, and loves heroes, justice, freedom, as well as hamburgers.

Perhaps it's because he's sticking his nose everywhere that recently his only friends are England (UK) and Japan.

Perhaps it's because he's young, but he loves to exert energy.

His inherited his sense of taste from England, so he's able to eat things even if it is blue and glowing as though nothing is wrong.

Hobbies include games, making movies, sports, etc. Is an unbelievable nation whose boss has made friends with people who came from a fallen UFO and does not lose to England.

...all translation credits go to youkofujima and the hetalia community. All layout-snazz goes to mai lovely waifu @ binni.